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Second Grade Curriculum

Second grade scholars will focus on the the following concepts and skills:


- Adding and subtracting two-digit numbers with regrouping from and to the tens column.

- Solve multi-step mathematical word problems with evidence to support the answer.

- Strengthen reading fluency to 90 words per minute, with prosody and expression, by end of the school year. High frequency words, phrases and fluency passages with reading comprehension questions may be found here. Daily practice yields the best results!

- Verbally express reading comprehension ideas through collaborative group discussions such as using text evidence to support claims.

- Apply Next Generation Science Standards with observation of how interactions occur in matter, ecosystems and Earth's systems.

- Participate in theater instruction with Creative Youth Theatre's  professional actors. They will express themselves physically, emotionally and verbally as they act out a folk tale.

- Apply eye, hand and feet coordination through dance instruction with professional dancers in Inner City Arts program.