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Environment Defenders

Environmental Defenders
Environmental Defenders presented an assembly in the Fall and educated our school on how to help reduce waste by recycling and reusing to protect the environment. Please help your child with environmental friendly practices such as proper disposal of e-waste at home.

Code is an interactive, creative website designed to teach students K-12 the foundation of computer science language, or coding. Funded by leading corporate leaders and partners, this non-profit, free program is top notch in teaching your child to code, create apps and computer graphics. Keep your eyes peeled, parents! Our future's top app designers may very well begin their computer science skills from this site!


Next Generation Science Standards


Interested in learning more about Next Generation Science Standards and how you can help your child at home? Visit the parent page where the science standards are accessible to parents.

Mystery science

Mystery Science

Mystery Science is a wonderful way for you to access science lessons at home for your child. With your assistance, your child can create a science experiments with home materials.