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About Quincy Jones Elementary School

Quincy Jones Elementary School students, faculty, staff, families and community work collectively through instruction in jazz music and the arts to guarantee every child is prepared to be succeed in middle school, graduate from high school and attend college.
It is the mission of Quincy Jones Elementary School to provide students with a academically rigorous, culturally relevant education. Through our unique emphasis on learning through jazz music, we believe in dual aspects of a love for learning and problem solving are critical to the development of the 21st century students and creating kinship among all stakeholders.  Quincy Jones Elementary School will provide a safe environment that will support student exploration, risk-taking, and real-world learning.  The administration, teachers, and support staff commit themselves to providing students with a comprehensive education as demonstrated in their attainment of mastery level of the California Common Core State Standards at every grade. Students will be able to identify and develop their strengths as knowledgeable, essential members of an ever-changing society through their exposure to and learning of the foundations of music and the arts, specifically jazz.  Performances will be a part of the school’s culture. The visual arts instruction will enable students to practice self-expression by making connections between literature and their own experiences. Our students will be a part of the rich history and future of Central Avenue.