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Cognitively guided instruction (cgi)

Building a strong mathematics foundation begins with you, the parents! Even if you don't feel confident with  math, comments such as "I was never good at math" can affect your child's ability to excel in this subject area. When we are enthusiastic about math, our children will be, too. Cognitively Guided Instruction, also known as CGI, is an student-centered approach to mathematics learning. By allowed open-ended solutions, students are engaged in constructing their own understanding of the mathematical world. CGI helps our students become more confident with their math skills, as well as problem solving creativity in the the real world, because the different solutions to finding the answer are limitless and lacks rigidity commonly found in traditional math instruction.

Try some CGI activities with your child at home! Here are some ideas:

  • Count objects such as beans, buttons and pasta. Use egg shell cartons to help your child organize the objects into groups when needed. How many objects did you count? How did you count it?
  • Give math "stories" to your child. Saying "math problem" tends to attach a negative connotation, so telling a math story can be fun! You can find math stories here.


khan academy

Khan Academy

 Khan Academy is a nonprofit with the mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

ST Math

Jiji Math

 ST Math web program designed for your child's individual needs and strengths. Encourages spatial awareness and critical thinking to improve your child's understanding of math concepts and skills. This program has been proven to improve math scores!


Xtra Math

Xtra Math

 Xtra Math is a website designed to help your child practice addition and subtraction skills within a time limit. This skills-based learning is important in building the foundation for further math concept development throughout the elementary school years.