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First Grade Curriculum

Zoophonics Sound and Spelling Cards


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First grader scholars will focus on the following skills:


- Refine phonemic awareness and learn phonics skills to build a foundation of reading and writing. Students are expected to reading approximately 60 words per minute by the Spring. Your child may practice at home using fluency passages found here.

- Focus on developing reading comprehension skills and strategies.

- Write one paragraph (informational, expository, persuasive and narrative) with a main idea, details and conclusion.

- Add and subtract up to 20 and see the relationships within fact families.

- Express oneself verbally by using evidence to defend his or her answer and opinion using a variety of resources including non-fiction literature and multimedia works.

- Build eye and foot coordination and develop major muscle groups for physical education.

- Explore Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) such as sun and moon patterns, animal and plant structures and wave properties.