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Tate Modern Museum for Kids

We may not be located in London, but this virtual Tate museum has loads of creative fun for you and your child to explore at home! Using easy to source materials, go ahead and make a chocolate swirl painting, write your own fairy tale and learn art tips! This is a great resource for holidays breaks. Keep in mind, when your child complains of being bored and asks for screen time, this "down time" is when creativity develops. Allow your child to have "nothing to do" so they can use their imagination to build something amazing!

Have a Conversation About Your Child's Art

Bright Horizons has a helpful article about what language is sensitive to your child's creative development. Art is a way for your child to express his or her feelings and creative ideas. Instead of saying "What is that," or assuming the picture is of rain when it is actually the sky, try saying "Tell me about your picture.