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Anti-Racist Resources

adult literature

Here’s what parents can do to help:

Read books, watch movies and consume media with racially diverse characters. Read with your children or talk with them about what they’re reading.

Be proactive in bringing up conversations about race with your kids. Ask them what they are hearing and experiencing.

Kids will hear what’s happening in the news. Discuss it with them in an age-appropriate way.

Role play what to do when you see a racist incident. Talk to your kids if a racist incident happens to your child or to someone in your community.

children's literature

A Kid's Book About Racism by Jelani Memory

Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry and illustrated by Vashti Harrison

It's Okay to Be Different by Todd Parr


Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights written by and illustrated by Jared Andrew Schorr

Something Happened in Our Town by Marianne Celano, Marietta Collins and Ann Hazzard

Illustrated by Jennifer Zivoin


My Eyes Kiss in the Corners written by Joanna Ho and illustrated by Dung Ho

children's programs

Kids, Race and Unity hosted by Alicia Keys

CNN/Sesame Street Town Hall on Racism